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We offer a proactive approach to anti-bullying programming for elementary, middle, and high school students, that focuses on building self-confidence, maintaining a positive attitude, and how to develop healthy relationships with others.

“I was blown away by the team,” said Bill DeFrance, Ph.D., Superintendent of Eaton Rapids Public Schools, “This was an engaging and proactive alternative to the overused and reactively-focused anti-bully programs. It was refreshing to see adults reinforce the value of being positive and building better relationships, with over 550 of our middle school students.”

We’ve spent years extensively studying scholarly research, as well as conducting primary research of current high school and college students, educators, business leaders, and community members. That research demonstrated that in order to increase graduation rates and to prepare youth to become tomorrow’s talent, the students impacted must be engaged on a regular and consistent basis.

The “I’m C.L.E.V.E.R.” program is an in-person, out-of- school program that builds confidence, teaches healthy relationship-building skills, drives enthusiasm, makes the participants feel valued, engages each person where they are, and gets kids ready for life after high school, all while utilizing a gamification model of making sessions interactive and participatory.

“We annually offer two different types of Engaged Outreach’s professional development programs (PDPs) here at Michigan State University. One PDP is three-hours packed with self-confidence building, people skills, and communication skills for volunteer student leaders of 9 different clubs and three major events within The School of Hospitality Business. The PDP concludes with each emerging leader, grouped with other leaders for that particular event or club, visualizing and speaking the end results they desire to achieve during the coming school year for their specific event or club. They also make a personal commitment to practicing their new skills with a hospitality attitude each day. Practice makes permanent!

The second PDP is also three hours long, and focuses on the importance of remembering and using names in business, including tools to remember a person’s name after hearing it one time. The program also focuses on handling difficult conflicts between talent and guests with grace, poise, and confidence. Problem solving skills are practiced.”
– Dr. Ronald F. Cichy, OM, Hospitality Business Educator

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