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Our goal is to connect young people with opportunities that prepare them for life in and after school, increase their likelihood of graduating, and instill skills to lead themselves for a lifetime. We do this through programming that develops agency to influence and shape one’s future; to have a deep understanding of one’s self and one’s passions; and the ability to be highly productive, adaptable under pressure, and impactful in all they do.

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Increase Graduation Rates

Through research, we have determined that one of the biggest factors that influences a young person to drop out of school is a lack of being… [Read More]

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Youth Leadership Development

An example of one of our programs that is designed to develop agency to influence and shape one’s future is exemplified in The Rockford Youth… [Read More]

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Talent Development

Throughout our research, we have discovered that there are three primary considerations that must be met in order for a young person to be… [Read More]


“It’s such a great honor to be partnering with Engaged Outreach to underwrite the tinkrZONE. Their focus on helping young people to be successful is inspiring and we’re proud to be working with them to provide more kids with the opportunity to find themselves through tinkering.”
-Melissa Allen, Founder of the tinkrLAB

“This programming showed me that we often speak past each other without really noticing it. By targeting this dissonance, my relationship with others will improve, allowing us to see each other at a deeper level.”

-Brendyn Sonntag

“The College-Level Professional Development Program is three-hours packed with self-confidence building, people skills, and communication skills for volunteer student leaders of eight different clubs and three major events within The School of Hospitality Business. The session concludes with each leader visualizing and speaking the end results achieved during the coming academic year for their specific event or club, coupled with a commitment to practicing their new skills with a hospitality attitude each day. Practice makes permanent!”
– Dr. Ronald F. Cichy, OM, Hospitality Business Educator

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