About Engaged Outreach

Our goal is to connect young people with opportunities that prepare them for life in and after school, increase their likelihood of graduating, and instill skills to lead themselves for a lifetime. We do this through programming that develops agency to influence and shape one’s future; to have a deep understanding of one’s self and one’s passions; and the ability to be highly productive, adaptable under pressure, and impactful in all they do.
Engaged Outreach is a 501(c)(3) focused on helping young people to be successful, however they define that for themselves. We provide individuals and entities with the ability to financially support youth, specifically in areas that align with our three main objectives: increasing graduation rates, youth leadership development, and talent development.

Increase Graduation Rates

Through research, we have determined that one of the biggest factors that influences a young person to drop out of school is a lack of being engaged in their education. Those that understand the value and importance of the knowledge they are gaining are tremendously more likely to graduate. Our programs are designed to increase engagement, develop self-efficacy, and establishing relevance, so that young people understand the value of persisting.


Youth Leadership Development

An example of one of our programs that is designed to develop agency to influence and shape one’s future is exemplified in The Rockford Youth Development Program, supported by Rockford Mutual Insurance Company of Rockford, Illinois. Teenagers of the Rockford community have the opportunity to participate in a three-day leadership camp that focuses on creating visions for their success in school and in life, as well as developing life-long skills in the areas of self-confidence, working with others, communication, leadership, and dealing with stress.

Touch Kid

Talent Development

Throughout our research, we have discovered that there are three primary considerations that must be met in order for a young person to be successful in persisting on to higher education. The first is their academic achievement, or how well they perform in school. The second is their financial ability to attend, which can come from parents, scholarships, or otherwise. The third is their emotional adaptability, or what once would have been referred to as soft skills. This is their ability to connect with others; to collaborate effectively, as adults are required to do; and to understand what makes everyone unique, similar, different, and how to work with them in a meaningful way.

Whether a young person goes to college, attends a trade school, studies for a certificate, or goes straight into their career after graduating high school, the one common element they will face is a workplace filled with other people. The work we do in preparing tomorrow’s talent focuses on the individual, their attitude, their interactions with others, and building healthy relationships.

Today’s student is tomorrow’s employee, manager, or leader. It’s crucial that these skills be in place before they enter the workforce.

Partnering with Dale Carnegie

All of our programming is designed to enrich a young person’s emotional adaptability, but after consulting with countless business owners and leaders, we knew that we needed a partner to help integrate lessons that prepare tomorrow’s talent in meaningful ways. After extensive research, we determined that Dale Carnegie Training was the right partner to make that possible.

Dale Carnegie Training has over 100 years of experience teaching the skills necessary for individuals to be leaders for themselves and others. They are also the only soft skills training company in the world with an ISO 9001 certification, meaning their outcomes are replicable every single time.

Today, Engaged Outreach works closely with one of the Top 10 Trainers in the World, and the #2 producer of youth Dale Carnegie graduates in the world, to embed lessons that help develop the young people in our communities. This leader’s two decades of experience working with youth makes partnering with Dale Carnegie Training an ideal marriage of utilizing their strengths to support our objectives.