About Engaged Outreach

Engaged Outreach is a 501(c)(3) that helps young people to be confident, empowered, and successful.
Through a variety of programmatic solutions, we have demonstrated the ability to improve a young person’s mental health through lessons that teach them how to live the positive life they want to live.
Graduates of our programs have a deep understanding of themselves and their passions; the capacity to influence themselves and those around them to make positive choices; and the tools and resilience to deal with the stress and anxiety they face. These outcomes lead to increased graduation rates, decreased disciplinary issues, and an overall more positive cultural environment in school, work, and home.

Increase Graduation Rates

Through research, we have determined that one of the biggest factors that influences a young person to drop out of school is a lack of being engaged in their education. Those that understand the value and importance of the knowledge they are gaining are tremendously more likely to graduate. Our programs are designed to increase engagement, develop self-efficacy, and establishing relevance, so that young people understand the value of persisting.


Talent Development

Throughout our research, we have discovered that there are three primary considerations that must be met in order for a young person to be successful in persisting on to higher education. The first is their academic achievement, or how well they perform in school. The second is their financial ability to attend, which can come from parents, scholarships, or otherwise. The third is their emotional adaptability, or what once would have been referred to as soft skills. This is their ability to connect with others; to collaborate effectively, as adults are required to do; and to understand what makes everyone unique, similar, different, and how to work with them in a meaningful way.

Whether a young person goes to college, attends a trade school, studies for a certificate, or goes straight into their career after graduating high school, the one common element they will face is a workplace filled with other people. The work we do in preparing tomorrow’s talent focuses on the individual, their attitude, their interactions with others, and building healthy relationships.

Today’s student is tomorrow’s employee, manager, or leader. It’s crucial that these skills be in place before they enter the workforce.