From Our Youth…

Engaged Outreach Posing with Ovid Elsie Students
“I don’t allow myself to be negative anymore, and I’ve seen how that’s affected the people around me. Now all of my friends are positive, and I’m positive. Everyone’s just a little bit happier. It ended up being one of the most life-changing things I’ve ever done, which sounds cliché, but it’s totally true.”

– Amber, My L.I.F.E. Graduate

“When parents talk to me about the change they see in their own children, and they see the work ethic change, they see how they interact with people, and when the relationship between the parent and child has changed, I think that’s the biggest testimony of this program: When parents who are seeing the students every day, see a fundamental change in their child.”

– Shawn Watkins, High School Teacher / My L.I.F.E. Volunteer

“Our students have the opportunity to learn skills that they wouldn’t get in a regular classroom. Skills that they can use at a job. Skills that they can use here at school. Skills that they can use at home. It’s setting the stage for their post-secondary life, whatever that may be.”

– Cory Gavenda, High School Assistant Principal

“There’s no longer a freshman in this class that doesn’t have a friend. It’s impossible to come out of this class and not think that all of those people are now your friends”

– Michael Schiffer, School Board Member

“We were trying to give our students leaders more self-confidence. These lessons gave them the icing on the cake to be able to be more effective as leaders. When you combine a specialist organization like Engaged Outreach and a traditional organization like a university, you have a great deal of synergy, and you can take the best from both of those, and produce an individual who is even more capable of making a difference in the lives of others, and in their own life. “

– Dr. Ronald F. Cichy, OM, Professor Emeritus

“This class taught me that I matter, that I had self-worth, that I was important, and it showed me how to be a leader for myself.”

– Bo, My L.I.F.E. Graduate

“I’m very much one to stop the stigma for mental health. I think that this program helped me a lot with my mental health, and I really want to come back to volunteer and help my friends with their mental health.”

– Sam, My L.I.F.E. Graduate

“I feel so appreciative about this, and I want to encourage everyone to come to this course. And I think it will help you to start your conversation, to get out of the box, to get out of your comfort zone, to just be yourself, the authentic yourself, and to share your life.”

– Dean, My L.I.F.E. Graduate

“Every single student in the room feels love and appreciation, and feels that they’re being listened to. Everyone feels that they are important, and they have a confidant that they can rely on and count on. “

– Charlie Green, Social Entrepreneur / My L.I.F.E. Volunteer

“Every opportunity I get when I’m meeting with my peers, other superintendents, other principles, I tell them about the impact My L.I.F.E. has had for our community. I always say, “look at the problems you’re having in your district, and look at the strengths of the My L.I.F.E. Program, and see how well they match up”.”

– Thomas E. Ackerson, Charter School Executive Director

“My kids have had challenges with dyslexia and learning disabilities, and that’s been a disadvantage for them. That’s been a struggle that they’ve had to deal with through their whole schooling, and it causes kids to sometimes feel like they’re inferior. The My L.I.F.E. Program has really helped my kids overcome those feelings and believe in themselves and in their abilities, and to really go forward with confidence. “

– Heidi Stoll, Parent of six My L.I.F.E. Graduates

From Our Future Leaders…

Group of Students with Technology Devices
“I want to encourage everyone to come to this course. I think it will help you to start your conversation, to get out of the box, to get out of your comfort zone, to just be yourself, the authentic yourself, and to share your life.”

–Zhenqi Tan

“[These programs] will definitely contribute to your success. ”

–Monique Zentner

“Not only can it help you remember their name, but also remember what they are doing, their passions and their hobbies, and career path. You can communicate and connect with them better.”

– Dean Zhu

“I learned one of the huge tools on stress was deciding how much anxiety to give something and only giving it that much. “

–Sierrah Macocha

“After that, I found that I remember peoples names and know what we talked about. I would challenge you to take the same course so you also have those tools.”

– Brandon Goddard

From Our Community Partners…

Dale Carnegie Class
“Students who have had this experience do not appear to be as stressed when I proctor a test, and I have seen a notable improvement in their attitudes and self-motivation. We need to find the funding and make the time to provide this affordable and life-changing program to all of the youth in our community!”

–Karen A. Anderson, M. Ed., Substitute Teacher

“Your image is based on your actions. Do what’s right and be the one people come to.”

– Jocelyn H.

“I realized that my passion is all about taking something rough and raw, like a piece of wood or a person, and refining it and milling it into something beautiful… Now my whole family has had this experience.”

– Pastor Phil Maxwell, First Baptist Church, St. Louis, MI

“Confident people get things done by standing up for what they believe in.”

– Zachary M.