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Michigan’s Proactive Solution to Improving Mental Health in Youth

37.3% percent of teenagers across Michigan display symptoms of depression.

These young people have felt so sad or hopeless almost every day for two weeks or more in a row, that they have stopped doing some usual activities during the past 12 months.* The My L.I.F.E. Program has the ability to improve a young person’s mental health by teaching skills that give a person a sense of resilience, grit, and agency. Graduates learn how to collaborate with others to get things done; to communicate in a way that makes them feel heard; to be a leader for themselves and those around them to make smart and positive decisions; and to deal with the stress and anxiety that occurs in their lives.

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Let's talk about your specific situation. We'll share existing programming options and customized options designed to have the biggest impact for the youth within your circle of influence.

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